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Opale la boutique

Terms and conditions

In order to make our terms and conditions easier to read, please take note that “Opale la boutique” and “Us” designate the transactional Web site operated by Opale impressions inc, hosted under the following domain name and URL: This URL can change at any moment, without previous notice. “You” and “the user” designate the visitor using this Web site.

The use of Opale la boutique is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Changes without notice and use of content
The content of this site, namely products and their characteristics, pictures, prices and any other information, can change at any moment and without notice. The content of this site is provided for general information only. Opale la boutique does not offer any guarantee regarding the content of this site for any purpose whatsoever. You agree that the content of this web site may contain errors and that Opale la boutique can not be held responsible for these errors. You may use the content of Opale la boutique at your own risk. You are responsible for making sure that the available products on Opale la boutique meet your needs and buying criteria.

Order acceptance
We reserve the right to refuse any order placed on Opale la boutique for any reason, including typographical errors regarding prices, descriptions, delivery or any other information published on Opale la boutique, even when an order confirmation has already been sent to the customer. In such a case, the orders will be refunded in the shortest possible time.

Customer agreement and return policy
You agree that no change will be accepted once your order is placed. You agree that the electronic files you have submitted when placing your order will be printed as is. You agree that the quality of any printed product depends on the submitted electronic files. You acknowledge having read the  “Download our templates” page in order to know the required specifications witch your file must meet. You also agree that some of our production techniques include “combo runs”, a method that groups multiple orders into one large production run. Therefore, you agree that some colour variations may occur in the printed documents. We will refuse any kind of return, exchange or refund for dissatisfaction due to your electronic files or normal colour variations related to our production methods.

In the event of any other type of claim regarding your printed products, you must contact us within five (5) days after receiving your order. We will assess your claim and you will be contacted promptly. We reserve the right to refuse any exchange or refund if the compliance gap between the ordered product and the delivered product is not the sole responsibility of Opale la boutique.

Copyright and intellectual property
The content of this web site belongs to Opale la boutique and can not be copied or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Opale impressions inc.

Order processing and delivery time
Most orders are processed and ready to be picked up at our production plant within an average of five (5) to seven (7) working days, depending on the products that you purchase. If you choose to use our delivery service, you should receive your order within an additional one (1) to seven (7) working days. This information about process production and delivery times is given for indicative purposes only. We do not take responsibility for any loss or damage that you might have to assume in relation to our production or delivery time.

Sales taxes and shipping fees
The prices displayed on Opale la boutique website do not include sales taxes or shipping fees. Sales taxes and shipping fees are added when you complete your purchase. Sales taxes are calculated according to the delivery address. We serve the Canadian market in Quebec exclusively, and sales taxes are applied according to federal and provincial legislation in effect.

All the information that you submit to us through Opale la boutique will be kept confidential and will not be made available for third parties. We use the «SSL» technology in order to protect the important information that you share through Opale la boutique.

User’s responsibility
You agree not to use Opale la boutique to develop products that might be prejudicial to anyone and you agree that you are fully responsible for the products that you have printed and/or buy through Opale la boutique. We will not assume responsibility regarding any potential litigation concerning the products that you buy through the Store. You guarantee the fact that the products that you buy will not violate the rights of a third party or any law. You also agree to be personally and fully responsible for your account’s user name and password and for their confidentiality. You agree that any order placed through the Store via your account is valid and considered to be under your personal responsibility. You guarantee the fact that you have all the necessary rights, permissions and authority to place orders or carry out any other action via your user’s account and that you allow us to manufacture the ordered products.

User’s information methods
When you create a user’s account on Opale la boutique, you agree to receive promotional information concerning the Store by e-mail or other solicitation methods. If you do not wish to receive such information, you have to unsubscribe from our newsletter or notify us that you no longer wish to receive promotional information from us.